We're Looking For Tomorrow's Stars

How We Invest

SeaChange is proud and excited to have evolved an investment model that promotes better selection, delivering more value to entrepreneurs and investors alike.

What are we looking for?

  • Pacific Northwest companies in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and British Columbia
  • Seed to early stage of corporate, product and market development
  • We’re market neutral, but the biggest portion of our portfolio to date has been in technology solutions related to a variety of markets
  • The company’s business model must be capital efficient
  • We prefer to syndicate with other investor groups, and our target investment size is $600K-$800K
  • The core products or services must solve a market pain that the customer can readily identify as the preferred solution as a unique value proposition
  • The target market space should be large and growing rapidly
  • The company’s management team should have credentials and experience appropriate to their role and challenges
  • People who are passionate about their opportunity

Ready To Be Our Next Successful Company?

What being a SeaChange company means to you

At SeaChange, we’re committed to building strong partnerships with our chosen investments, not just providing capital. Under our Rule of One model, we strive to make the selection process as short, simple, clean and transparent as possible, then follow through with a single sizable check that delivers what you need in a timely fashion. After this, our experience and time is still there for you with strong and deep support to help you grow.

Before We Invest:
A single contact point for all of our interaction

  • Due consideration and respect for your vision and planning
  • In-depth review and analysis of your company’s opportunities, challenges and plans
  • Frank and honest feedback from highly-experienced and committed investors. Even if we don’t invest initially, we may in later rounds.

Rapid diligence and decision—in just one month

A single large check

As Partners

  • Participation in your success, as hands-on Mentors; As Board Observers or Members
  • Ongoing support and expertise available to you from our investor pool for advice and guidance including in: operations, markets, channels, financial management, recruiting, influential introductions, growth strategies…and more

How It Works: The Process

  • You send us your business plan and any relevant supporting material
  • We pre-screen, determine if there may be a fit, and respond back to you. We endeavor to respond to all applicants even if they did not make the cut.
  • Successful applicants will talk to one of SeaChange’s management team and may be asked to pitch to our Screening Committee consisting of selected Investors and the Fund management team
  • Up to three companies are selected by the Screening Committee and invited to present to the full membership of investors at SeaChange’s next monthly meeting, which is typically 1 week after the Screening Committee meeting
  • At our monthly meetings, you present and interact with our members. A decision is made, by investor vote, of whether or not to take a presenting company into formal due diligence.
  • If you are selected, we strive to complete due diligence in one month using a thorough and thoughtful process. If the diligence team determines a company should be considered for investment, a detailed investment memo is written and circulated. The investors vote on the investment.

Let's Talk

For any additional information or inquires get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.