We're Looking For Tomorrow's Stars

How We Invest Collaboratively

SeaChange is proud of our Collaborative Capital model. Take a look:

What are we looking for?

  • Companies in the Pacific Northwest: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and British Columbia
  • Seeking Seed to Early Stages Capital
  • Possessing a capital-efficient business model and credible growth and exit plans.
  • Targeting large, fast-growth markets. (Disruptive solutions may get bonus points!)
  • We’re market neutral. But we’re currently mostly in technology that solves real market pain
  • A strong management team – passionate about their story – with credentials and experience appropriate to their role and challenges

Ready To Be Our Next Successful Company?

What being a SeaChange company means to you

At SeaChange, we’re committed to building strong partnerships with our chosen investments, not just providing capital.

Before We Invest:

You’ll have a single contact point for all of our interaction, to answer questions, drive the process, and guarantee that you’ll get:

  • Due consideration and respect for your vision and planning
  • In-depth review and analysis of your company’s opportunities, challenges and plans
  • Frank and honest feedback from our highly experienced collaborator-investors. (Even if we don’t invest initially, we may in later rounds).
  • Sensitivity to your time while raising capital

We aim to complete diligence and make a decision within just one month from first contact

You’ll receive a single large check immediately our agreement is executed.

After We Invest:

We love to be collaborators in your success story.  Our large investor community and our Fund managers are available for as long as you need us, as:

  • Hands-on executive mentors;
  • Board observers or members;
  • Operations and Industry expert advisors;
  • Sources of high-quality talent.

How it Works: The Process

  • You send us your business plan and any relevant supporting material
  • We pre-screen, determine if there may be a fit, and respond back to you. We endeavor to respond to all applicants even if they did not make the cut.
  • Successful applicants will talk to one of SeaChange’s management team and may be asked to pitch to our Screening Committee consisting of selected Investors and the Fund management team
  • Up to three companies are selected by the Screening Committee and invited to present to the full membership of investors at SeaChange’s next monthly meeting, which is typically 1 week after the Screening Committee meeting
  • At our monthly meetings, you present and interact with our members. A decision is made, by investor vote, of whether or not to take a presenting company into formal due diligence.
  • If you are selected, we strive to complete due diligence in one month using a thorough and thoughtful process. If the diligence team determines a company should be considered for investment, a detailed investment memo is written and circulated. The investors vote on the investment.

Let's Talk

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