Collaborative Capital

Collaborative Capital

How we develop opportunities differently. How it benefits both entrepreneurs and investors.

Professional Leadership

The SeaChange team is led by William Finney and Susan Preston, investors with more than 30 years’ combined experience in angel and venture. The entire team brings deep backgrounds in start-ups, private equity and investment banking.

Annual funds of committed capital

We form a new SeaChange Fund annually, typically making 8-10 investments each year in Pre-Seed and Series Seed investment rounds for Pacific Northwest companies with high-growth potential. This timetable incents us to make relatively rapid investment decisions. And since our investor/members’ capital is fully committed upfront, the decision to invest can trigger immediate funding.

Process Rigor

We’ve been told repeatedly that our selection and diligence processes exceed the standards of most large VC funds. Simultaneously we pride ourselves on recognizing the hard work by all entrepreneurs and treating them with due respect. For a more detailed description of our process please go to the FAQ section of our Entrepreneurs page of this website.

Expert, engaged investor teams

The success of our standout selection and diligence processes is made possible by forming teams of our investors working collaboratively together, side by side with our Fund managers on each opportunity. This engagement of folks who have “been there-done that” within many industries and operational models provides huge added value to every investment cycle. Even companies not selected can gain invaluable insights into their business and its marketability

Democratic Decisions

After intense screening, thorough diligence, and direct company-investor interactions, our investment decisions are made by a super-majority member vote. We strive to complete this cycle within 30 days of first contact. Chosen entrepreneurs then immediately have the full weight of the Fund’s resources behind them.

Direct, efficient funding

Upon a decision to invest, we can immediately deploy single checks, typically between $500,000 and $1,000,000. This efficiency enables the entrepreneur to focus on her/ his business instead of chasing individual cash in small increments, and our investor/collaborators to focus more quickly on the next opportunity.

Ongoing Partnerships

After investing, we actively support our portfolio companies as mentors to their executives, as Board members, as industry experts, and as sources of high-quality talent. We become true partners for the attainment of common goals assisted by our wide experience.

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