Vancouver moms create stuffies who teaches conflict resolution, family change & growth


Soft and luxurious, Slumberkins lovies are more than just stuffed animals.

Created by two Vancouver, WA moms who have backgrounds in therapy and education, Slumberkins merge the coziness of a child’s favorite lovie with emotional literacy. Because, let’s face it, in today’s cultural climate children are never too young to hear about conflict resolution, stress relief, growth mindset, and more.

The company is fairly new. With first designs launching in 2016, Slumberkins has steadily grown and now has a near cult following of mom and kid collectors. Social media helped spread their direct to consumer business, and then, in 2017, they appeared on “Shark Tank”. That encounter did not result in an investment, but success was imminent. Their product, and the messages they teach are in high demand – and new investments and inevitable growth have followed.

Currently, there is talk of a Slumberkins television show in collaboration with the Jim Henson Company. What a welcome debut that will be!

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