[Slumberkins] What Your Kids Really Need as They Head Back to School- Fred Rogers had it right all along.

It’s that time again. A crispness in the air is beginning to infuse these warm summer days, signaling a turn from fun and relaxation to the anticipation of a new school year. I often find myself remembering all the fun of back-to-school preparation — shopping for the perfect binder, notebook, and pens. After a long summer of spending time with my family, I was ready to get back to all my friends and the excitement of a new class and teacher. Thoughts like, Who will be in my class? Who will I sit by? Who will my teacher be? kept me up as I anxiously awaited the first day of school. While I believe these thoughts continue to factor into our children’s experiences, the world has changed, and our children’s experiences are different as a result.

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