Mortgage Company TruHome Taps Bigleaf SD-WAN to Deliver Cloud Telephony

As full-service mortgage company TruHome Solutions matured and grew away from its parent company, it needed a system that would give it autonomy and prioritize its business-critical services. So it deployed Bigleaf SD-WAN.

TruHome’s main dilemma was that because it had started as a business unit of a larger company, it was relying on that company for its IT infrastructure and self-hosted telephony service. However, as it began to establish itself as a standalone enterprise it needed to build out its own back-office functions.

“We were marching down the path of becoming segregated from the parent company and that was one of the things in our way,” said John Pentlin, vice president of IT at TruHome, said of building its own operations. “We wanted to adopt full uCaaS software-defined and software-delivered telephony, and not be subject and beholden to carrier circuits at geographic locations.”

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