Format Health RevivePro Announcement: EventDoc is now RevivePro

EventDoc is now RevivePro

Format Health’s flagship product, formerly known as EventDoc, is now RevivePro.

We are rebranding EventDoc as RevivePro, a mobile documentation and cognitive aid system for in-hospital cardiac arrest events that captures care data, automates reports, and provides step-by-step cognitive aid – ensuring the best possible emergency care while improving data for research and industry.

We believe this is a great opportunity to strengthen our image, as the new name reflects the true nature of the work we support — reviving patients after the heart has stopped beating.

You will soon see some changes as we are in the process of updating the product itself, as well as our website, marketing materials, communications and social media channels. What won’t change is our dedication to creating incredible life saving products and providing top notch customer service.

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