A Tidal Shift

A Tidal Shift

The Pacific Northwest is a kinetic ecosystem. I see the crashing ocean swells define our landscape and I’ve witnessed our early-stage startups redefine entire industries. Both are in continual states of change and evolution. At SeaChange Fund, so are we.

SeaChange Fund delivers a new approach to the early-stage investment culture. This isn’t a dating service between investors and startups. We’re professionally managed capital by global thought leaders in investing. The ‘we’ here are myself, Director Will Finney and our nearly 100 brilliant and committed investors.

We leverage our unique vantage point into the startup ecosystem across our entire region. We source deals from Anchorage to Portland and Seattle, to far beyond Spokane.

Our new name SeaChange invokes what we believe, the inevitability of our forward momentum. In our world that means investors and entrepreneurs both win as partners in success. And over the last three years we proved that success through prestigious exits and extraordinary 3X portfolio returns.


Here’s what I’ve learned and taught. Let stereotypical Venture Capitalists with their seven-digit investment minimums, longer hold times, and lower returns hunting solely for unicorns. Let many other well-intentioned angels spend only a few hours on diligence and fail in what we believe is so essential, supporting a company after investment. SeaChange Fund is here to do things differently. We reward investors and entrepreneurs for their risk.

What we do is not for the lazy. Our due diligence will take our team, including many talented investors, a minimum of 100 hours. But it’s smart, collaborative, and fast.

Our portfolio targets companies that exit for $50-100 million. That’s the vast majority of exits. We put the odds in our favor.  


There’s a rule of ONE at SeaChange. It looks like this:

  • ONE point of contact
  • ONE month of due diligence
  • ONE sizeable check

Entrepreneurs send us one email that begins the conversation. Our collaborative and informed due diligence process for selecting companies is completed in about one month. Next, for the best of the best Northwest startups, we deliver one sizeable check – often north of $500,000.

But we don’t invest and walk away. We would have never invested if we didn’t believe in championing the startup’s success. We contribute through our collective expertise and guidance, and by opening doors though our high-profile professional networks.

People tell me they notice the difference between typical angel groups and SeaChange Fund as soon as they walk into one of our meetings. We’re social. SeaChange Fund puts community first. We’re a culture committed to collaboration, driven by a tenacious curiosity, and we welcome the brightest and most driven entrepreneurs and investors.

Our new name, SeaChange, reflects our dedication to moving innovative startups forward through mindful investment. At SeaChange Fund we all believe in playing our part in the change that defines our technology landscape.

Join us now and be part of that change. It starts with just one email for investors and entrepreneurs.