Intelligent Capital
for Early-Stage Startups

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We're Different

In 2015, after nearly two decades experience in early-stage investing,

we debuted a leading-edge investment model aiming to bring a professional dimension to the startup investing process. We leverage the intelligence and experience of our investors into a disciplined and thoughtful evaluation process which leads to well-considered investments in dynamic companies. We encourage and promote participation, creating an atmosphere of inclusion, community and enjoyment. The entire process is professionally managed by industry-recognized leaders in early-stage investing.

We call this model our Rule of One: It brings great benefits to both entrepreneurs and investors alike: Its cornerstones are:

  • Designation of One point of contact for each company under consideration
  • No more than One month of due diligence to come to a decision
  • Delivery of One large check for the chosen company

Our engagement with a company merely begins with the investment. We believe in creating a partnership with our portfolio companies, working together to realize a successful future. We are in this for the journey.

This is SeaChange Intelligent Capital

Community Impact

How Good is Our Process?

Just three years after our founding, we’ve attained market beating successes, and delivered the following to our community…


We’d love to hear from you! Reach out to us through the mail at info@seachange.fund or submit your information through our application process.